Monday, October 5, 2009


Hi guyz, long time no see...

Today I would like to introduce you Jaimie, a guy posted on youtube "This guy is
Chuck Norris in living flesh" and I totally agree, Jaimie is the mad scientist you
wanted to be when you were a child, he is constructing a giant robot... in his
lab... In an hangar... in his mountain... and he's vlogging the process!! (yes is
Vlogging because he does it on Video biatchessssssss)

Let's see what he posted about it in his blog a few months ago:
"Holey canolly, life is incredible. I can't believe I'm almost finished building a giant
robot. a huge airplane hanger workshop ...on top of my own mountain. If you
told my I'd be doing this when I was a kid, I would have been like, "No SHIIIII...
REALLY??? So all those adults that said life gets boring were lying! Awesome!

Seriously... I go around being extatic most of the time. I feel bad for the other people
I see. I see people who are bored all the time. Life is so great if you cut out the crap,
and do it the way you really think it should be done."

Here is a video-mix of funny shit he posted so you can see quickly who is this guy.

Ohh man, and he also haves a dome in his mountain, electricity, water, heating,
cooling all 100% ecological, 100% off the grid, Ragnar Benson's The "Survival Retreat: A Total
Plan For Retreat Defense" is nothing compared with this guy home.

This guy haves a zillion videos in his Youtube channel, but let me point you a few ones, these are
the first parts of each series, for instance, the Giant Robot haves more than 35 videos

The Dome:

The Giant Robot Project:

Building an hangar in a mountain:

You can find more at:

Jaimie Youtube Channel


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