Saturday, October 24, 2009



A year ago I decided to start with this blog, and here still I am.

When I begun I had no fooking clue what I would do with it, and I still don't know :)
As you can see if you came here often, I just share whatever I found cool, that's why sometimes
you found lots of security, then lots of lockpicking, then lots of robotics, and then I can't believe
how geek I can be and start sharing some music or non computer related stuff.

This year's top post was the one about milw0rm going offline... Until this day, milw0rm goes up
and down, but I got tired of updating that post, but you know that you can go to
or just download the offline mirror file. Each time milw0rm goes down I see a massive increase
of visits, thanks milw0rm :D

Ok not much else to say, you know how to contact me, thanks for coming and remember...

The cake is a lie!


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kovacs said...

Keep on polluting the interwebz!

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