Friday, January 15, 2010

Grog XD is back!

Do you remember the stupid fooks from Argentinean C5N news network talking about a
new drink teenagers were consuming at night called Grog XD? If you don't remember check it

Grog is a drink made from extremely corrosive ingredients from the classic game Monkey
Island, and its designer Ron Gilbert laughed his ass off in his blog with the C5N clowns talking
about it.

And now Grog XD is back but this time where it belongs, in a Monkey Island game.

(Click the pictures to enlarge)


Avatar, fuck those comunist smurfs



Monday, January 4, 2010

Samus from Abigail Williams

OMFG check this guy playing the drums!!
He is the drummer from the north american black metal band Abigail Williams


Sunday, January 3, 2010


I found a cool webapp, what it does is allow you to create ringtones or extract audio from a
Youtube video.
You write the Youtube video URL, the application will load the video and then you can start
recording the piece you want to use, when you're done, you click create and you will be able to
download, email or send a SMS with the audio clip you created in multiple formats like MP3,
WAV etc. It's really easy to use.
I really like the idea, although it haves some implementation problems, it doesn't work with
some videos, don't ask me why, and your network delay will impact the length of your clip, its
like you press stop but the webapp continues recording for some time, doesn't sound too bad, but
you'll find it bothering sooner or later.

Check it at:

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