Tuesday, June 24, 2014

INT DB TWiki Update

Hey guys,

INT DB has it's first update, here is the changelog:

  • Fixes configure script error.
  • Includes ExitPlugin to take care of the referrer problem.
  • Cleans up previous session log files on start up.
  • Includes security notes in regards to document attachment.
  • Includes POI, Enumeration and alphabetically sorted list templates. 
Besides fixing some bugs, the new INT DB TWiki will clean up the log files when you start it and also solves the issue of referrer leakages, using the ExitPlugin it will automatically redirect to any link using anonym.to, you can configure another link anonymizer if you wish.

The screenshot in this post is from the Person Of Interest Template, when you create a new page you'll be asked what template to use, there you can select it or also one of the other two included templates, one is a table to enumerate stuff, like your Intelligence requirements, and the other is an alphabetically sorted table to store links to your POI dossiers for instance.

I'm working on a file so you can install easily the INT DB in an already running TWiki installation, so you can use it in other OSs just installing Apache by yourself, soon there will be news about it.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Moncton Justin Bourqe shooting tinfoil hattery!

Ok guyz, is time for some tinfoil hattery, so get ready! 

A man supposedly called "Justin Bourque" from Moncton, Canada is suspected of shooting five RCMP officers, killing three of them, and was last spotted Thursday June 5th at the morning but still remains at large

More info here guys:

In the article a Facebook account is provided supposedly being of the suspect, now the mysterious facts.

He joins FB on "February 19" this year and creates an open FB account where everyone can see his posts to share gun culture/patriot related posts and images, and goes on a killing spree dressed like Rambo just 4 months after that?

EDIT: He was arrested after surrendering to the police saying "I'm done".

This stills sounds like an OP to me, spree shooters usually end up shot by police or suicide themselves  :tinfoil:

Monday, June 2, 2014

INT DB Portable TWiki

While doing the IPB course at culperinstitute.org I discovered that the amount of information you have to handle to be able to satisfy your intelligence requirements is huge and will require to be updated often.

I didn't find an already existing tool, and that's why I thought that a wiki page could help, because it's easy to update, can include media files and also keeps track of the changes you made, bad thing about a wiki is that it needs a webserver to run, and not tech-savvy guys will find really hard to set up one. INT DB solves that problem because with just one click you'll have a running wiki that leaves no trace of use in your computer.

INT DB is based on TWiki for Windows Personal but it includes the latest version of TWiki 6.0 with WYSIWYG editor, Tinyweb webserver, Perl and GNU Grep, all of it ready to use, no installation is required and it won't create entries in your registry.

You'll see that the INT DB home page is a plain wiki page for you to start working on, if you can create templates, cheat sheets or whatever may be helpful for our purposes, please contact me and I'll include it in a new version.


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