Monday, December 10, 2012

I'll be back

Real life pretty shitty around here lately... I'll come back anyway

Meanwhile check the latest Aaron Lewis single from his latest album The Road, it really kicks ass.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pam's Pride Recommendations

Finally I found a blog that shares links to free Kindle books related to prepping, survival and
homesteading to download from Amazon. The blog is called "Pam's Pride Recommendations" and
you can find it at:

Remember that if you don't own a Kindle you should, but also you can download Kindle for PC
for free.
You also need to remember that many free books available in Amazon are temporal offers, so
get it while it last and check often the blog.

EDIT: If you have problems seeing the list of books, be sure to have turned off your add blocker.

Thanks to "Illini Warrior" from for providing the link

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grey State movie

This is an independently produced concept trailer. Please support the film and help it get made into a
commercially viable feature film by contributing at

The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while
Americans  continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are
sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty
 in order to bring about a New World Order.

Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control.

Fearmongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression,
violence, resistance -- these are the new terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor
is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and
everyone is a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of
those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil.

This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance. American militias prepare for guerilla
warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the
Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full
well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance.

It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution. It is an
 impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and
complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland. It is a time of lists -- black list,
white list, and those still caught in the middle, those who risk physical death for their free will and
those who sell their souls to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts. It is in this Gray State
that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed.

Is it the near future, or is it the present? The Gray State is coming - by consent or conquest. This is
battlefield USA.

Watch in 720HD for best quality.
Watch a higher quality version of this trailer at Vimeo at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Low budget solar power

When you start reading about solar power you find people with their houses’ roofs covered in solar
panels, battery banks filling entire rooms and tons of money invested, that’s totally discouraging if
you are on a budget and soon you forget about it or just keep it as a long time goal.

Those solar powered houses allow you to keep a modern lifestyle being off the grid, but if you look
at  the matter from a SHTF/Prepping point of view you’ll discover that what you really need is to
cover your basic needs, from the top of my head those needs would be lighting, commo, news,
entertaining, and covering those needs can be really cheap.

When I started thinking about solar power, I soon realized I wouldn’t go with the full blown 
approach, but something cheaper and portable.

The idea is to use a 12v battery that is recharged with a small solar panel, from that battery you can
get the power to reload small batteries or rechargeable devices using car cigarette lighter sockets or
USB interfaces, to keep it modular I use a 4 way splitter and to monitor the battery charge I use a
voltage meter.

Solar Panel
For solar panel I bought a chinese panel used to keep car batteries topped when you leave the car
 parked for long  times, you can find better and more powerful ones, but you get more weight and the
panels get expensive.

You need to use a battery in the middle because the power required by the reloading devices can
easily be bigger than the solar panel output and also the output from the solar panel is intermittent
depending on how much sunlight hits it.
You can use a  car battery or something smaller like I did, I got a house alarm gel battery 12v 7A.
The battery/ies you chose will depend on your power consumption and solar panel capabilities.

Charge controller
The solar panel will generate bigger voltages than 12v in order to be able to recharge the battery, so
you’ll need  a charge controller, the charge controller will:

1. Generally keep the battery on full condition.
2. Prevent the battery from over-charging.
3. Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
4. Prevent the battery from supplying power to solar panels during nights.

Small batteries recharger
I get gadgets that use AA or AAA batteries, for the same reason you have guns in standard calibers...
On a SHTF situation you will find AA batteries around, but forget about those fancy CR123A
I have a lot of rechargeable batteries and to charge them I have two devices, one works with 12v or
USB input, and the other one has its own mini solar panels and a USB input.

USB adapters
These devices give you a USB output with 5V 2A from the cigarette socket, be careful I saw some
that give you 500mA, with those an IPhone or similar won’t charge.

No matter what device, get one that runs on AA/AAA batteries or you can recharge it using an USB
port or car charger.

I got a car charger for my Yaesu VHF handy and also an adapter that allows it to work using 6 AA

For lighting you can get LED lights that give very good light with really low consumption.

Your cellphone, even not having signal can be used as radio, mp3 player, calculator, calendar, clock,
games etc.

I would like to mention specially the Kindle or similar device, you can store a shitload of books in it
and reload it using a USB port. With it you can get entertainment and also you’ll have a library in
your pocket in case you have to bug out.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Falling Skies season 2

Falling Skies season 2 started, I really liked the first episode.
One thing I didn't liked is Ben getting those superpowers shit, I hope this doesn't turn into X-Man or
some crap like that. The guy can jump from really high places and has a lot of force.
Lets see how the rest of the season goes, IMO is the best series that is being aired at the moment.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kansas 'Doomsday Prepper' sentenced to prison

A Kansas man who was preparing for the end of the world by making and storing grenades was
sentenced this week to 21 months in federal prison.
Alfred C. Dutton, 65, of Eureka, Kan., pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful possession of
unregistered destructive devices.
Government exhibits included grenade bodies, powder and fuses. Prosecutors said five incendiary
bombs were found in a storage locker leased to Dutton in Eureka in southeastern Kansas.
Dutton’s defense said he was preparing for the collapse of the economy and collecting medical supplies,
non-perishable foods and other items. The defense submitted to the court an excerpt from a National
Geographic documentary on “Doomsday Preppers” to illustrate his state of mind.

This guy was the one showing on TV how he prepared pipe bombs and detonated them in his backyard...
I remember when I saw that I was thinking this guy is completely out of his mind,
or this is just all a lie for the show. It seems he was really so dumb...

Too bad the "prepping experts" didn't suggested him to stop breaking the law in an international TV show.

Some time ago I suggested people reading this blog to go to SouthernPrepper1 Youtube channel, at that
time it was a really good channel.
But this guy saw a way to make money with prepping and became a total douchebag.
SP1 now sells 150 bucks courses about BOBs, and is the "prepping expert" responsible of running a
show that depicts preppers as total wackos and already created problems with the law to many of the
families that appeared in the show.

You fucking suck SP1, you are known and make money thanks to the people you are screwing up.

Doomsday preppers show is worst than the pest, stay away from it or you are going to get fucked too.

Read more here:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ekoparty 2012 call for papers

The Ekoparty 2012 call for papers has started, check for more details

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eric Church - Springteen

Too fucking busy around here, so more music, this time Eric Church's latest video

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Eden House - Neversea

New video from The Eden House :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am Alive and TheRadBrad channel


I'm not playing much computer games lately, but each year there are a few releases that I like to play,
sadly the latest titles I was waiting for aren't going to be released for PC, and I'm seeing that since
some time already, so we should get accustomed to it.

So I have to choose between forgetting about the games or buy a console, as I barely play I don't
even think about buying one, so searching on Youtube I found there is a guy with a channel called
TheRadBrad and it fucking rocks, he plays the games and upload the videos in HD, so if you are 
screwed like me you can enjoy them anyway.

One of the titles I was waiting for was Silent Hill Downpour that is confirmed wont be available for
PC, and also I was waiting for a game since a long time, that game is called "I am Alive", check the

As you can see its a pretty badass post apocalyptic survival game and thanks to TheRadBrad you can
enjoy it just like one of your favorite series on his Youtube Channel.

Brad, if you read this... You rock man, thanks for your work.

Here is the first part of  "I Am Alive"

And HERE is the rest, enjoy guyz.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hypocrisy in Hollywood

Hey ppl

I was contacted by  some guy who told me to take a  look at an infography they are
distributing showing the hypocrisy in Hollywood and how they are crazy about
copyright when it benefits them or totally forget about it when it doesn't.

I liked it so I'm reposting it here, as its extremely long and would occupy all my blog
I just took a screenshot of the header, if you wanna see the rest of it  just follow the
next link:

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Monday, March 5, 2012

Congratz Ronda

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Machine Gun Preacher

Guyz you need to watch this movie ASAP
It fucking awesome, its based on a true story about Sam Childers, a former biker that decides to
change its life, find Jesus and decides to go Sudan to fight the LRA a faction killing and mutilating
thousands of Africans each year.

I don't know why it only rates 6.7 on IMDB, just trust me and watch it, you won't regret about it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Liberty Forum 2012 - Jack Spirko - 12 Planks of modern survivalism

Jack Spirko is best known for his work as the host of "The Survival Podcast," a daily online audio
program that focuses on modern survival concepts and philosophy. Jack's podcast teaches skills such as
gardening and permaculture, food storage techniques, alternative investing strategies, keeping small
livestock, home energy production, food preservation, and creating individual liberty.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

George Orwell's house

You can see the original picture HERE

The Hoss USMC Monday Night Radio Show and Website

The Hoss created a new website and decided to to a radio show every Monday, check the video he
posted about it and don't forget to check the radio show tomorrow night

(Monday nights: 9:00 pm/Est. - 8:00 pm/Ct. -  7:00 pm/Mt. -  6:00pm/Pt.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aaron Cohen - Technical Advisor & Weapons Trainer - Haywire

Here is a video of the work Aaron did as tech advisor for the movie Haywire.
If you don't know who Aaron is, you should read his book "Brotherhood of warriors",
the book is an auto biography of this Canadian guy, who lived in Beverly Hills and went
to Israel to join the IDF SFs and worked as an undercover agent in Palestine. The book
is extremely fun, I finished it in 2 days. Totally recommended.
Here is a more complete review of the book 

Now, check the vid...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ohh man totally looking forward for this movie, the cast is fucking awesome with people like Ewan
McGregor, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and the star is the hotter than fire MMA fighter Gina

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bad news, Filesonic went down

It seems Filesonic owners got scared because of what happened with Megaupload and they decided to
stop their filesharing functionality.

"All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and
retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager."

More info at

This fucking sucks

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Oatmeal joins the anti PIPA/SOPA blackout

The joined the blackout against PIPA/SOPA and created this awesome
animated gift, enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout

On Wednesday, January 18 05:00 UTC Wikipedia will blackout the English wiki for 24 Hs in protest
against PIPA and SOPA, you can read the official communication at:

Way to go guys, although I'll suffer the blackout I think the rest of the big Inet companies should take
similar measures.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Although 1984 and Brave New World are hardly the only great dystopian novels of
the 20th century (hi there, Margaret Atwood), George Orwell and Aldous Huxley may
well have shaped most English-language readers’ nightmare visions of the future. So
it makes sense to contrast Orwell’s world of constant war and government thought
control with Huxley’s drug- and entertainment-pacified society. You may have done
just that in a high-school paper, but the folks behind the documentary #KillSwitch
have created a graphic that examines the ways in which each author’s predictions
have come true over the past few years.

Just as the invention of the printing press ushered in the Enlightenment that tore
down the tyrannical walls of the dark ages and that ignited democratic revolutions
throughout the world, the internet currently provides the fuel for the revolutions in
the Middle East, threatens to upend autocratic rule on a global scale, and awakens
sleeping democracies. But...what would happen if the democratic Internet as we
know it, was instead controlled by a handful of Oligarchs? What if these same people
had the power and authority to shut the Internet down at their whim and discretion?
Film Director Ali Akbarzadeh explores the real possibilities of this nightmare
scenario in the highly anticipated, full length documentary '#killswitch.'

#killswitch the Documentary Trailer from Akorn Entertainment on Vimeo.

Monday, January 9, 2012

33 Degree - Thievery Corporation

Fantastic song from the band Thievery Corporation.

I started reading the book "Nadie vio Matrix"(No one saw Matrix) by Walter Graziano and this song
is the perfect soundtrack for it. Maybe when I finish the book I'll write a review, too bad for some of
you it seems the book only its available in Spanish.

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