Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am Alive and TheRadBrad channel


I'm not playing much computer games lately, but each year there are a few releases that I like to play,
sadly the latest titles I was waiting for aren't going to be released for PC, and I'm seeing that since
some time already, so we should get accustomed to it.

So I have to choose between forgetting about the games or buy a console, as I barely play I don't
even think about buying one, so searching on Youtube I found there is a guy with a channel called
TheRadBrad and it fucking rocks, he plays the games and upload the videos in HD, so if you are 
screwed like me you can enjoy them anyway.

One of the titles I was waiting for was Silent Hill Downpour that is confirmed wont be available for
PC, and also I was waiting for a game since a long time, that game is called "I am Alive", check the

As you can see its a pretty badass post apocalyptic survival game and thanks to TheRadBrad you can
enjoy it just like one of your favorite series on his Youtube Channel.

Brad, if you read this... You rock man, thanks for your work.

Here is the first part of  "I Am Alive"

And HERE is the rest, enjoy guyz.

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