Sunday, April 5, 2009

PHD - Portable HTTP Debugger

Last year I coded this Java HTTP Debugger mainly to use it both in my win and linux boxes. Some
time after that I discovered I could use HAS under wine and it worked like charm so I discontinued
this project.
Anyway... If you don't have wine or the permission to install it in your box, maybe PHD can help

P.H.D. Portable HTTP Debugger
Coded by APX, Buenos Aires 2008


1 - Intro
2 - Use
3 - Thanks
4 - Version history

[1 - Intro]

I needed a HTTP Debugger for my Linux box, and I couldn't find one,
I hate not being able to use the same tools both in my Win and Linux
boxes, so I decided to create a new HTTP Debugger based on Triton's
The main idea was to create a simple to use, multiple platform HTTP
Debugger, and this is the result.

[2 - Use]

I wont explain how to use a HTTP Debugger, but I want to explain some
options you can find in the app.

* Remove response headers: Activating this checkbox, only the response
body will be shown.

* Log: You can save all the responses you get to a file.

* Save Selected: Select a text in the response and press this button to
save the selection to a file.

* View: This will create a temp file with the response body and will
open it in the default browser.

* Clean: Use it to clean the responses.

* Auto Clean: If selected the previous responses will be cleaned on each

[3 - Thanks]

I should thanks a lot of people, but I would like to thanks specially
Rhino for his great tools and inspiration, Ex0rphine my fellow fooking
cowboy for his help with the code and beta testing, and to the beta testing
team, for helping me to polish this app, Falk0n, Lausbub, Zyrrox, thanks
a lot guys.

[4 - Version History]

28-04-2008 - Project starts.

01-05-2008 - v1.0 starts being beta tested

11-05-2008 - v1.1 released.

* Remembers last urls and posted data used.
* Auto Clean option added.
* Patched chunked replies.
* Started using non blocking socks.

14-05-2008 - v1.2 released.

* Patched problem handling normal responses.
* Patched post data encoding.
* Now auto fixes bad formatted requests.

20-05-2008 - v1.21 realeased.

* Patched post data encoder encoding already encoded by the user data.



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