Sunday, February 14, 2010

World Population, the reason why we are fucked


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World Population, thats our problem, it doesnt matter if our governments are left wing, right
wing, socialist, communist or capitalist, we are all fucked up because we continue reproducing
ourselves and there is no such thing as infinite resources.

To make worse the situation the people with higher natality rate are the ones with lower
resources and education so they need even more of the state to maintain themselves.

The state needs money from tax payers to support the ones in need, but when the ones in need
increase and the tax payers decrease constantly isn't difficult to see we have a big problem.

And when the people starts being hungry the shit hits the fan, just watch Haiti news to see
what happens in those situations.

It's just a matter of time until our civilization crushes like a house of cards.


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Juan Scopp said...

I think we can avoid the catastrophic effects of the lack of resources, such as water, food and medicine, to name the most basic ones, if all the governments in the world were to impose a limit to natality.

The issue is that I don't trust EVERY country will do that.
So I guess that in the next 50/100 years, most people are going to be dying of thirst, they won't even be able to reach death by hunger.

I think my pessimistic projections to no come to pass.
We can still make something. At least, I'm part of Greenpeac

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