Friday, July 26, 2013

Going Home by A.American Review

Hey guys, I just finished reading "Going Home" by A.American and let me tell you I liked it a lot, so
much that I already bought the second part called "Surviving home".

Is about a guy called Morgan that gets stranded in his car miles and miles away from his home and
family when a big EMP happens.
The EMP stuff I think is overused because you can see it in all the prepping books, but its useful just
to set up a quick SHTF situation for the rest of the story to develop.
In "Going Home" not much details are given about what happens in regards to the EMP event.

So Morgan grabs his bag and starts his trip to join his family, later he will find some companions that
will help him in his travel.

A good thing is that Morgan's bag contents are real, you can look for the things he uses and they
really exist, and the author provides tips without detailing for pages and pages all the contents of the
bag like you can see in similar books.

The book is written in first person, something that in the beginning was kind of annoying, but you get
used to it.
Also I think the book gets you hooked as soon as the first companion appears and isn't just Morgan

It was a great read  :coffeeNews:

There is an interview to A.American at the survivalpodcast, check it at:

You can get the book from here:

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