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While doing the IPB course at I discovered that the amount of information you have to handle to be able to satisfy your intelligence requirements is huge and will require to be updated often.

I didn't find an already existing tool, and that's why I thought that a wiki page could help, because it's easy to update, can include media files and also keeps track of the changes you made, bad thing about a wiki is that it needs a webserver to run, and not tech-savvy guys will find really hard to set up one.

INTDB solves that problem providing an extremely easy to install and use wiki that also includes templates to ease common tasks.

What is TWiki?

TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge management system. It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Web content can be created collaboratively by using just a browser. Users without programming skills can create web applications. Developers can extend the functionality of TWiki with Plugins.

How can you contribute to the project

You'll see that the INTDB home page is a plain wiki page for you to start working on, if you can create templates, cheat sheets or whatever may be helpful for our purposes, please contact me and I'll include it in a new version.

If you find a bug or have some suggestion also please contact me, I don't promise I'll have the time or knowledge to fix the bugs, but I'll do my best.

Security Notes 

- Is highly suggested you keep the INTDB in an encrypted volume, all the information in the Twiki is at the twiki/data/INTDB folder in plain text!

- Do not include links to Internet if possible, if you really need to, use a link anonymizer, otherwise the referrer will show you are using INTDB in your computer.
You can use, so whenever you include a link to Internet you should include "" before it, for instance, if you want to link to google, the link should be:
INTDB v1.1 takes care of this by using the ExitPlugin that automatically will prepend the to every link it detects.

- Related to previous point, if you want to include media in your wiki, don't hotlink. That means that if you want to attach a picture, first download it to your hard drive and then attach it to the desired wiki page. ExitPlugin won't solve this problem, be careful!

- Failing to take care of the referrer issue could lead to an Intel leak.
Let's suppose the hypothetical case you have a list of people you're interested in, and you name that page "CorruptPeopleToTrack" and you link to the website of a politician that is included in that list. In the politician website statistics will appear that there is a website with the URL that is linking to them.

- Avoid attaching documents that require an external application to view, that will leave traces in your "recently used documents" list both from Windows and the application that was used.

- Avoid attaching documents that include scripting languages, like .pdf, .doc, .swf, because those scripting languages could generate connections to Internet without you knowing about it. You can solve this problem installing INTDB on a Tails Linux distribution as Tails will route all the internet traffic through Tor.

INTDB distros

INTDB comes in two flavours, the data files in both are exactly the same and will have the same version numbers to simplify the maintenance.

Choose your poison:
  • INTDB Portable for Windows: A portable TWiki for Windows, you can run it directly from a pendrive without leaving traces of its use in the host computer. This is the easiest distro, just decompress the file and its working. ~45 MB download.
  • INTDB4Xampp: This distro is targeted to be used on Linux and Mac OSX systems. It isn't portable and you need to install Xampp on the host computer to use it. ~22 MB download.

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