Monday, August 31, 2015

Uncertain Tomorrow- Pilot

Great short film, it would be nice if these guys could continue filming this.

 ***Episode 002 of Uncertain Tomorrow is now in motion. Our goal for Episode 002 is to expand on this storyline, but with several enhancements!

In Episode 002 you can expect:
-A 30 minute episode
-Fights, both fire fights and hand to hand skirmishes
-Story and Character development
-The latest in the SRA AR-15 line-up

...and so much more.

There is only one draw back. IT"S EXPENSIVE! We single handedly funded episode 001 for roughly $10,000. That's $1,000 per minute of the final product. So, we need your help! The production company has agreed to produce the next episode for $15,000. That's beyond generous, especially for all the new expected enhancements.

If you wish to help please visit our funding campaign at:

Or if money isn't really an option simply share the link and video.
Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

***Episode 001 Description
After the breakdown of the civilized world, Roman sets out to save his younger sisters from a fallen city. They meet with Justin, a former Army sniper who offers to teach the girls how to shoot and survive off the land.
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