Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Devil at the Door : A Lights Out Saga Short Film Review

A few years ago I wrote about an awesome book called "Lights Out" by David Crawford, if you ask
me is the best prepping fiction book I have read until today.

Imagine my happiness when I found out that they planned to do a series of movies about the book
with the author directly involved in the project.

Well, today they published a short film called "Devil at the Door" just as a preview for the things to
come... And things to come are fucking depressing, see it for yourself.

Tactically this is a joke, both the attackers and the defense had no fucking clue what they were doing.

The defense should have used better defensive positions, being holed up in the ground and being
distributed in the area, not in a fucking line 30 cm apart from each other!!

It seems they don't know the difference between cover and concealment, wood pallets won't stop rifle
bullets, they won't stop even handgun bullets!

The attackers where playing around with their motorcycles while they where getting shot, and the
ones on foot didn't even use the trees as cover.

Fuck is so frustrating I have seen better tactics in Hollywood movies, people filming Lights out
supposedly are preppers they should know better...

The acting sucked so fucking bad I can't believe it and the FX are non existent.

Damn, I'm so disappointed...

Travis Fox the Executive Producer of the project replied to some comments similar to mine with this:

In the movies themselves, we'll dig trenches, fortify fighting positions, have interlocking fields of
fire, etc. The barricade here was meant to deny movement more than provide cover (although there
were sandbags and items like a backhoe bucket). This was a two day film shoot intended to share the
concepts of the story on a very limited budget. Your points are very valid, though.

Sorry for not explaining this trailer better.  This wasn't cherry picking scenes - this is a short film that
captures the concept of the movie series. The movies have NOT started filming yet. We have no
movie footage to use, and this footage will not be used in the movies. This was a two day film project
intended to get your attention. We couldn't dig trenches and do a lot of things we WILL do in the
actual movies here.

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