Thursday, June 5, 2014

Moncton Justin Bourqe shooting tinfoil hattery!

Ok guyz, is time for some tinfoil hattery, so get ready! 

A man supposedly called "Justin Bourque" from Moncton, Canada is suspected of shooting five RCMP officers, killing three of them, and was last spotted Thursday June 5th at the morning but still remains at large

More info here guys:

In the article a Facebook account is provided supposedly being of the suspect, now the mysterious facts.

He joins FB on "February 19" this year and creates an open FB account where everyone can see his posts to share gun culture/patriot related posts and images, and goes on a killing spree dressed like Rambo just 4 months after that?

EDIT: He was arrested after surrendering to the police saying "I'm done".

This stills sounds like an OP to me, spree shooters usually end up shot by police or suicide themselves  :tinfoil:

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