Thursday, November 12, 2009

Call Of Duty 6: Modern WarFAIL 2

Thanks Skidrow for letting me see how shitty is this game for free... Now that I played it, its not
only the lack of dedicated servers what bothers me... This is the review I posted it on Gamespot
I gave it a 2...

No dedicated servers, no tilt head keys, extremely short missions, crappy story line

This game its a total rip off, I never waited for something so much to feel as disappointed as with
this aberration.
Infinity ward totally destroyed the franchise.
The story line its hard to follow, you just start in some place and you just need to follow your
partners, killing the guys around.
From a used shell picture they know you have to go to a Brasilian favela.
You can't turn off the music or modify SFX, voice and music volumes.
You don't have the E and Q keys to tilt your head to peek at corners.
You don't have a console anymore
You don't have dedicated servers
You have a HUD telling you the distance to your next point and an arrow pointing at it, and you
can't turn that crap off!!
I HATE having a HUD, I don't want to see anything on the screen, just above your partners
heads you have BIGGGG signs saying "FOLLOW", "COVER".


I just give it a 2 because I liked the graphics.

Puaj I think about this game and I wanna puke.
Don't buy this, it would be the worst 60 bucks ever spent.

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