Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fedor rulez!


This past Saturday Brett Rogers dared to challenge the best fighter in MMA history, Fedor
Emelianenko, it was the best fight of the year, and Fedor demonstrated again that his right hand
is lethal.

Fight recap:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

Round 1: Both feeling each other out and send a couple quick shots. Rogers lands a jab and is
moving quick. Fedor is already bleeding from the shot to the nose. He takes Rogers down but
Rogers gets right back up and pushes Fedor against the cage. He knees Fedor in the legs. Both
are bouncing well with good conditioning. Then Fedor catches him with a punch. Fedor is lighting
quick up close. Brett sends some shots, and escapes an arm bar. Fedor stands and tries a flying
punch, narrowly missing Rogers.

Round 2: Fedor has Rogers against the cage. Fires off a round of punches. Rogers takes the pain
likes it's nothing. He sends a couple knees to Fedor's ribcage. Both circle again and boom... Fedor
nails Rogers with a right. Rogers collapses to the mat. Fedor comes in to finish and after a couple
more shots, McCarthy steps in to call it. The Russians go absolutely mad. Fedor wins by TKO.

In the post fight interview, Fedor is soft spoken and polite. He thanks the crowd for their
support. The man is un-real. Completely UN-real.

Now, it's Rogers turn to address the crowd. He says he's ready for the rematch. He seems
pissed-off. The crowd boo him. He doesn't care.


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