Monday, September 28, 2009

Access To Arasaka


Almost nothing is known about the guy behind this project,
but the music is awesome if you are into Ambient/IDM
music, in an interview for he told
about the name:

Access To Arasaka is actually a reference to the old
role-playing game called Cyberpunk 2020. Arasaka
was a large (and very antagonistic) corporation
within the world of Cyberpunk. Bringing them down
would have been the ultimate revolution. So, I guess
I chose this name as a sort of message to all
cyberpunks. Almost like saying, «Here's the way into
their system. Do what you will.»

In the Access To Arasaka website you can download many
EPs for free and also haves one of the better designs I saw
in a long long time, although I doubt that code compiles :P

He recently published is last work called "Oppidan" in a
co-release with Tympanik Audio and Spectraliquid


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