Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Offensive Security Exploit Database


Probably most of you know Offensive Security guys because of their security Linux distro
"Backtrack", they have a new project, called "Exploit Database", and is as it name shows an
alternative to milw0rm or inject0r.

The project started in November, and it has some really nice features, for instance you can see
the exploits source code with colors like in a compiler which makes it easier to read, you can
download the exploits using your SVN client and also pressing a button you can download the
exploit or the vulnerable application if its available and doesn't violate the copyright.
The search engine its more powerful than the one used in milw0rm and it seems to work like

I think this project has a bright future

Check it at http://www.exploit-db.com/

Thanks Powertech for the heads up ;)


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MaXGiver said...

Nice link buddy.. & nice blog will check it out from time to time my friend ;-)

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