Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hair pins and wafer locks

Hair pins are a lockpicker's best friend, there is nothing better except for the
keys to open handcuffs, and today I was bored at work and discovered a cool new way
to use a hair pin.

My desk drawer has a wafer lock as most drawers have, those locks are really easily opened
using a technique called raking, rapidly sliding the pick past all the wafers, repeatedly, in order to
bounce the wafers until they reach the shear line.

To do that technique you need to use a pick called "rake"

If you inspect a hair pin you'll see it has a serrated side, the idea is to use that to rake the lock,
but if you bend the hair pin like in the following picture you can use the pin as a torsion bar too.

The idea is to insert the bent hair pin turning it like a key but also raking it in the lock, you'll
need to use both hands to do that, one hand in each end of the hair pin.
Here is a picture ...

Man this shit works like charm, you should try it, and remember to always carry a
hair pin with you :D


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