Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu Black Flag Op 2

Do you remember a few months ago I posted about how some entity is playing with your
health, with your mind and your money? if you don't remember here is the link.

Supposedly Argentina is the 2nd country with most deaths due to the swine flu.
The media claimed deaths due "swine flu" that weren't even confirmed, all people with flu like
symptoms were considered infected.
The government had mobile medical units giving vaccines to people, I would fucking love to
know what they got injected because until today there is no vaccine for "swine flu".

Anyway, I believe all this swine flu issue its all bullshit, there is no such thing.
But there is something and it's an incredible operation to try a new method to make people live
scared and locked up in their homes giving up their money for placebos meanwhile.

95% of this blog content is in English, but a few minutes ago checking up kr3st0's Blog I found
this excellent short documentary created by Julián Alterini about this same issue, the
documentary is in Spanish but I think it's so good I'll post it anyway.

Maybe I'm more paranoid than I should, but I think there is more than money involved in this
flu issue, I'll quote myself from my previous post...

Maybe the communists, the nazis and the terrorists are a little overused and the
governments need a new enemy, a new enemy that is way better than the other
ones, your own mother, wife or sister can be your enemy and you'll never know until
it's too late.
Enjoy the video and remember to always use your head and don't let them make you panic
because for sure, this is not the last time you'll suffer and operation like this one.


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