Monday, July 20, 2009

Gringo Warrior Challenge


Gringo Warrior is a scenario-based lockpicking game. Set in a hypothetical kidnapping situation,
participants are placed in custody of fictional captors who are holding them against their will and
extorting money or some other ransom.

Instead of complying with their demands, participants use lockpicks, assorted tools, or even
improvised items like paperclips and beer cans in order to affect their escape through a variety
of impediments.

Gringo Warrior makes appearances at many hacker cons and security-centric conferences
around the world. It has been played at DEFCON, ShmooCon, HOPE, NotACon, LayerOne,
ToorCon, ShakaCon, TRISC, and elsewhere. Often, it appears in concert with members of
TOOOL hosting a Lockpick Village where people can learn about physical security, try their
hand at picking, and gain insight into how to best protect themselves and their assets from theft
or tampering.

This year you will be able to experience Gringo Warrior in the Ekoparty.

The goal was to break out of a simulated Mexican prison in 5 steps:

1. get out of handcuffs
2. open 'cell' door
3. overpower guard
4. break into filing cabinet to retrieve passport
5. break out of prison

For each choice except numbers 1 and 3 there was an easy, medium and hard choice.

On 5/17/2008, during the Layer One Security Conference in Pasadena lots of guys there, many
who own their own handcuffs and practice all the time, were schooled by a 12 year old girl
named Ella. Sadly this is not her best run on video, which was 1m42s. This is her slow run, at
about 5m.

Btw, ella chose all hard locks in her runs.


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