Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bundy's ranch information flow thoughts

This reflects my personal opinion as someone outside Bundy's ranch wanting to know what was going on and just receiving reports like "This is a mess, no one knows shit, the feds didn't shot yet".

I believe Bundy's Ranch event demonstrated a big flaw in Militia's SOP and is that they failed to create an official information source until a week after it started.

An official reporting channel is key absolutely, specially when the opponent is the gov. Venezuela is a clear example, the gov and media report nothing is going on, but people using social media like Twitter report the abuse and violence they are suffering.

If shots were fired and the militia guys in there were reduced to turtle food, the gov could start talking about how the domestic terrorist attacked and they had no other option but to repel the attack, and manipulate how the history is presented to the public.

Every unconventional force first has to obtain populace support to win, otherwise they will fail like Guevara in Congo and Bolivia. Part of getting populace support comes from showing them the flip side of the coin of what mass media feeds them.

A lot of people love to bash Occupy movement, but even if you don't fully agree with Occupy movement methodologies or ideology, there is always something to learn, specially for a country like the US, where you like it or not you don't have much experience manifesting against the government.

Occupy movement guys as soon as they took a place set up free Wi-Fi networks for people to be able to communicate and report anything that was happening, that is awesome, because the first thing the gov does is to shut down cell phone networks.

Also in Spain they created something called the "wifineta" that is a conjunction of the words Wi-Fi and truck in Spanish, that truck has the equipment to provide Wi-Fi and 3G for the people around it.

Also we need to keep in mind the COMSEC, if there is a centralized information outlet, it could define what should be public knowledge and what not, and then instruct the protestors about the information release guidelines.

Check this videos of the Occupy Wi-Fi providing tents.

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