Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey guyz,
give a hand to James Yeager to film AmmoNation, just press play and listen to him explaining the project.


 So what is AMMONATION? Aren't you sick and tired of the mainstream media telling you that all 
gun owners are a bunch of right wing wackos? US TOO! We want to portray the people that take 
guns and training seriously in a 100% no bullshit fashion! We will also be BIASED by showing the 
world how positive and rewarding gun ownership and proficiency can be. 
 James Yeager will run the production of this documentary front to back. His already wildly popular 
YouTube channel is a success because of his "tell it like it is" personality and his unwillingness to 
take shit off any person. His background as an undercover cop, police sniper, SWAT team leader, 
High Risk Civilian Contractor and world renowned Tactical Instructor make him ideal to head this 
project. He will use his tenacious style and aggressive flair to create a program unlike any you have 
ever seen! 
 In this documentary you will follow a group of James Yeager’s Tactical Response students (some 
with law enforcement experience, some current or prior military duty and some civilians with a little 
training and some with a LOT) through intensive and gut wrenching scenarios.Training which will 
 test both their physical and mental boundaries. Think embedded cameramen. That means no sound 
stage! No rehearsals! No phony drama! No actors! Real stress! Real emotion and REAL DANGER!

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