Thursday, October 10, 2013

Escaping Home by A.American coming soon!

Fuck yeah guys!!
On October 30th the 3rd book of the series following the adventures of Morgan Carter will be
The series started with "Going Home" and then "Surviving Home" both excellent books, I'm about to
finish the 2nd one, I already wrote a review about "Going Home" if you want more details.
Besides the books are just 5 bucks for the kindle edition, an amazing deal.

Here is a brief synopsis for "Escaping Home"

When society ceases to exist, who can you trust?

After the collapse of the nation’s power grid, America is under martial law—and safety is an illusion. 
As violence erupts around him, Morgan Carter faces one of his most difficult decisions yet: whether 
to stay and defend his home, or move to a more isolated area, away from the prying eyes of the 
government. He and his family are hesitant to leave their beloved Lake County, but with increasingly 
suspicious activities happening in a nearby refugee camp, all signs point towards defecting. Morgan 
and his friends aren't going to leave without a fight, though—and they'll do anything to protect their 

Also Jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast recently did an interview to the author Angery American
at Denver Self Reliance Expo where the author himself talks a little about his upcoming book.

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