Friday, April 12, 2013

Tactical training on Internet

I just finished watching on Youtube some guys showing how to carry your rifle in a patrol, I can't
believe how much crap there is in that video... I won't even mention their channel, even less
considering they plan to give classes.

Those guys have no fucking clue what they are doing... on patrol walking a meter away from each
other in the middle of an open road with weapons in condition 3...

Next thing they need to do to get Stupidity 2013 award is to do an ambush and  scream
"Contact!" when the enemy enters the kill zone, as I already saw in another dutchebag's Youtube

Its totally irresponsible to offer tactical training when you have no clue what you are doing.
Their classes should be called "how to die fast on SHTF".

If you live in the US, you have tons of guys with verifiable combat experience  and prestigious
companies to get your tactical training from.

If you live in some other country,  and you need to get your training from the Internet, I suggest
you to be extremely careful with what you take as fact, I would suggest you to read army
manuals and different sources, compare, evaluate, practice and THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Obviously, getting someone with real experience to teach you can't be replaced with any amount of
reading or watching videos.

If you are interested in good tactical reading from guys with verifiable experience and for free you
can check Max Velocity Tactical and MountainGuerrilla blogs, also don't forget you can download as
ebook a compilation of MountainGuerrilla old blog posts.

These guys truly know what they are talking about :         (Compilation ebook from HERE)

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Shawn said...

My favorite wanna-be YouTube Rambo is MOUNTAINOUS. Finger on the trigger, jumping around like a madman. Also

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