Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The origin of the mall ninja

Today I want to share with you a link that will reveal
the infamous history of the mall ninjas.

For the ones who doesn't know what a mall ninja is
I'll quote BJJ Grappler explanation in his excelent
thread called "The ULTIMATE mall ninja thread" at

m-aal nin-jAH : An inexperienced (or even sometimes experienced), over-enthusiastic weapon
owner (usually firearm), who's primary modus operandi (that's mall ninja talk) includes dressing
and equipping for combat in an otherwise peaceful urban environment. The mall ninja can often
be found carrying more than one weapon of the same type, handcuffs (although legally unable to
perform an arrest), wearing ballistic vests or tactical gear while performing mundane daily tasks
such as mowing the lawn.

Sex: Primarily males
Age: Teens to 40's
Race/Ethnicity: Primarily caucasian
Body Type: Often overweight, sporting a gut, however the occasional athletic mall ninja can be
spotted and may be harder to identify until spoken to.
Marital Status: Often Single/Virgin but more increasingly Married/Neglected
Hair: Short to Long
Extracurricular Activities: Posing for pictures to post online, weaving tales of heroism and
danger, bragging, spurts of exercise, watching war movies for 'tactics', watching the tv show
"Cops", buying a foregrip or laser for their DPMS AR-15 or pistol, worrying more about how
deadly they look than about the car that is about to run them over.

Ok, so the origin of the "Urban Ninja" can be tracked to the posts two guys, called Gecko45 and
SPECOPS made on some boards on 2001.
Those post were lost but a guy recovered them from his cache and decided to publish them in his
web, lonelymachines.org, so this part of the history can be passed to future generations.

Be careful you could end up spitting your coffee all over your monitor while reading this...
I warned you.

The shrine of the mall ninja


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