Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chinese Anonymous declares war to China Censorship

The following message has been found in multiple Chinese websites probably motivated by the
censorship of google and gmail in the last days, and the coming of "Green Dam" a software that
will be installed in every computer sold in China to enforce the Chinese censorship and also to
collect personal info from each computer.

2009 Declaration of the Anonymous Netizens

To the Internet censors of China,

We are the Anonymous Netizens. We have seen your moves on the Internet. You
have deprived your netizens of the freedom of speech. You have come to see
technology as your mortal enemy. You have clouded and distorted the truth in
collaboration with Party mouthpieces. You have hired commentators to create the
"public opinion" you wanted to see. All these are etched into our collective memory.
More recently, you forced the installation of Green Dam on the entire population and
smothered Google with vicious slander. It is now clear as day: what you want is the
complete control and censorship of the Internet. We hereby declare that we, the
Anonymous Netizens, are going to launch our attack worldwide on your censorship
system starting on July 1st, 2009.

For the freedom of the Internet, for the advancement of Internetization, and for our
rights, we are going to acquaint your censorship machine with systematic sabotage
and show you just how weak the claws of your censorship really are. We are going to
mark you as the First Enemy of the Internet. This is not a single battle; it is but the
beginning of a war. Play with your artificial public opinion to your heart's content, for
you will soon be submerged in the sea of warring netizens. Your archaic means of
propaganda, your epithets borrowed straight from the Cultural Revolution era, your
utter ignorance of the Internet itself - these are the tolls of your death bell. You
cannot evade us, for we are everywhere. Violence of the state cannot save you - for
every one of us that falls, another ten rises. We are familiar with your intrigues. You
label some of us as the "vicious few" and dismiss the rest of us as unknowing
accomplices; that way you can divide and rule. Go ahead and do that. In fact, we
encourage you to do that; the more accustomed you are to viewing your netizens this
way, the deeper your self-deception.

You are trying in vain to halt the wheels of history. Even with your technocratic
reinforcements, you will not understand the Internet in the foreseeable future. We
congratulate you on your adherence to your Cultural-Revolution style conspiracy
theories in your dealings with dissent; for we too get nostalgic at times. We toast to
your attempts to erect a Great Wall among your netizens, for such epic folly adds
spice to any historical narrative. Still, there's something we feel obliged to tell you.

NOBODY wants to topple your regime. We take no interest whatsoever in your
archaic view of state power and your stale ideological teachings. You do not
understand how your grand narrative dissipated in the face of Internetization. You
do not understand why appealing to statism and nationalism no longer works. You
cannot break free from your own ignorance of the Internet. Your regime is not our
enemy. We are not affiliated in any way with any country or organization, and we are
not waging this war on any country or organization, not even on you. YOU are waging
this war on yourself. YOU are digging your own grave through corruption and
antagonization. We are not interested in you, destined for the sewage of history. You
cannot stop the Internetization of the human race. In fact, we won't bat an eyelid
even if you decide to sever the transpacific information cables in order to obtain the
total control you wanted. The harder you try to roll back history, the more you strain
the already taut strings, and the more destructive their final release. You are
accelerating your own fall. The sun of tomorrow does not shine on those who are
fearing tomorrow itself.

We are the Anonymous Netizens. We are the sum of the world's entire online
population. We are coordinated. We are dominant. We are innumerable. For every
one of us that falls, another ten joins. We are omnipresent. We are omnipotent. We
are unstoppable. We have no weaknesses. We utilize every weakness. We are the
humanity under every mask. We are the mirrors of conscience. We are created equal.
We are born free. We are an army. We do not forgive. We do not forget.




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