Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reduce your online traces with DuckDuckGo

Lately I've trying to reduce the signature I'm leaving online with Google following me everywhere I
go, and is pretty hard, specially for email, I'll let you know if I found a solution.

Escaping from Google to go to other US provider/host won't solve anything, US gov can still analyze
your traffic and can access the provider's internal network and DBs.

You don't know what I'm talking about? All of that was leaked by Edward Snowden, you can check
this nice article at the Washinton Post about it.

Anyway, this is an easy step everyone can take to stop being related to everything they search, which
could have nasty results, you can see this great infographic explaining why:

To start trying it just go to and in the bottom right corner there is an option
to configure it as your browser default search engine.
The first days your fingers will try to type google as soon as you open a new tab, but try to resist it :D

DuckDuckGo as a lot of great functionalities, for instance I love the !bangs, that is using something
like !a to search directly in Amazon, !yt to search directly in Youtube etc.
It also supports the classic keywords like 'site:' or 'inurl:'

Besides by default it will run using HTTPS, not like other services where you need to configure it

And there is another great advantage, you can use it directly from the Tor network as it also runs as
an hidden service!

Give it a try, I really liked it

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