Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Security: A resistance manual by Sam Culper Review

Hey guys

If you read Mosby's blog probably you already know Sam Culper from http://guerrillamerica.com/
a blog dealing with Intelligence Collection and Analysis oriented to prepper, resistance, III% kind
of folks.

Sam for sure knows what he is talking about and you can appreciate that both in his blog as in
"Security: A Resistance Manual" the e-book he wrote and I'm reviewing in this post.

"Security: A Resistance Manual" is an excellent primer on the techniques and procedures that will
allow a resistance to operate and communicate securely under the constant watch of Big Brother.

Topics covered in the book include communications security (COMSEC), information security
(INFOSEC), personnel security (PERSEC) and operations security (OPSEC).

Good thing is that the e-book goes straight to the point  and in every chapter you'll find tips or
actions you can take easily to improve your group security, also the book is explained in layman
terms, so you don't need to be a tech savvy guy to understand what Sam is talking about.

But don't get me wrong, even people with knowledge in COMSEC/INFOSEC will find gold nuggets
in this e-book, and new stuff to research and experiment.

Sam also provides a list of useful links to continue learning about the different subjects covered, and
even better, he provides his awesome blog whose content complements perfectly this e-book.

Solid stuff Sam, thanks a lot for the awesome e-book, the only con I found is that is short and leaves
you wanting more, but well, we have the blog to satisfy that :D

You can buy your copy at: http://iiimagazine.com/?product=iii-security-manual-pre-order

And visit Sam's blog at: http://guerrillamerica.com/

EDIT: Sam contacted me and told me that he is working on an extended version of the e-book that
will be twice as long, and also all the people who already bought the first version will get the
extended version for FREE.

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