Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survival and Austere Medicine Ebook

Hey today I have an awesome ebook to share with you, its called "Survival and Austere
Medicine" and it was written and edited by The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World
Medicine Discussion Board Moderators ( in 2005.

Sadly the board seems abandoned, but for sure there is more juicy info in there to be found.

Good thing about this book is that is addressed to people who wish to know about survival
medicine without being a doctor, it has tons of tips about what you can do to start and keep
learning about medicine, and is oriented to a survival or SHTF scenario.

Take a look at the table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 What do I need to know & how do I learn it?
Chapter 3 Organization
Chapter 4 Medical kits
Chapter 5 Antibiotics
Chapter 6 Sterilization and disinfection
Chapter 7 The basic laboratory
Chapter 8 Herbal and Botanical medicine
Chapter 9 Other alternative medicine
Chapter 10 Medical aspects of shelter living
Chapter 11 Long-term survival medicine
Chapter 12 Woman’s Health Issues
Chapter 13 Medical aspects of NBC warfare
Chapter 14 Wound closure and suturing
Chapter 15 Austere Dental care
Chapter 16 Nursing care in an austere environment
Chapter 17 Frequently asked questions
Chapter 18 Reference books
Chapter 19 Austere medicine sound bites
Chapter 20 Survival Medicine Fiction
Appendix 1 Equipment suppliers

I can't recommend this ebook enough, this is fantastic, check it out.

You can get your copy from here:

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